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When our first release was postponed we returned to the cabin in the woods where we recorded our first album. With a couple of cellphones we broadcasted a live show on Youtube.

Four songs from the cabin concert are now collected on the EP ”Live From Orratorp”.

It’s a quiet show, no audience, only the soft crackling from the fireplace. It’s a sort of soundtrack of the pandemic: music that breathes but that is longing for a stage, a musical letter sent to a world that has gone silent.

Besides three originals the EP also contains a cover version of ”When You Were Mine” by Prince.

Gustav Sigala Haggren explains the choice of song:

It was actually Cyndi Lauper’s version I fell in love with. It kept me company when tours were canceled and my world went quiet. There’s a sadness in her voice, in contrast to the bouncy bass and the cheery synth melodies. There’s so much going on in that production, it was fun to take everything out and leave only the sadness.
Also, the lyrics reminds me of a Swedish classic: ’Trubbel’ by Olle Adolphsson, sung by Monica Zetterlund and many others. You experience passion with someone, then realizing the only way you can hold on to it is by sharing your lover with other people.

Mastered by Alex Cole. Artwork by Anna Norberg.

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