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Bells Fell Silent started out as a solo project. Gustav Sigala Haggrens’ band Case Conrad had taken some time off after a tour and Gustav was asked to play a few solo shows. But instead of playing Case Conrad stuff he wanted to play some of his recent, more personal work. Songs written for his own ears only. 


After trying them out on stage he felt he needed to pursue the project further. He wanted to explore how naked and honest the music could be.


Soon he joined forces with old friend Niklas Hegfalk who had recently bought a cabin in the woods. With no real plan the two of them stayed there for a week, playing and recording music.


Those sessions became the foundation for the self-titled debut album. "I wanted the music to be minimalistic, dark and shiny, like a black diamond", says Gustav Sigala Haggren.


While working on the album the duo has played shows in Germany and Sweden, opening up for True Detective musical star Lera Lynn and Swedish singer/songwriter The Tarantula Waltz.

Gustav Sigala Haggren started out with folk collective Gustav and the seasick sailors and has been featured on compilations with artists such as J. Tillman, Fleet Foxes och The Be Good Tanyas.

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